Standard Program

StandardThis program is designed for companies that use IT on a daily basis, but on the other hand, do not have any extra requirements to the availability or security. The difference between this programme and Basic programme is also in the structure and extent of the supplied services. A significant difference from the perspective of security represents a DMZ (Demilitarized Zone). It is a separate network that forms an interface by access to the internal network from the Internet. In the case of attack will be contested only the servers in the DMZ, from which there is only very restricted access to the internal network.

Services that are included in this program:

– Domain
It consists of a single domain server that is configured according to your requirements. In the DMZ is an RODC (read-only ~ just or reading) domain server, designed for the purpose of the user authentication against domain, eg. for the WEB server.
– DNS and DHCP
It consists of a DNS server located in the demilitarized network and the internal DNS  represented by domain server. The DHCP server is configured on the router.
– Firewall
The standard rules necessary for the correct functioning of the ordered services and the DMZ.
– Mail
A full-featured mail server linked with domain, run on standard protocols IMAP, POP3 and SMTP extended security SSL, respectively TLS certificate. Annual certificate, issued to the client company, is also included. Mail storage is normally placed on the file servers. A mail proxy server is located in the demilitarized network. For approaches from the outside is  a Web based console available, located on the Web server.
Small disk array serving as central repository. All backups and file server are located on this disk array.
– File/Print server
Partition is here located on a disk with your directory structure, rights, quotas and sharing, all sets according to your requirements. The disk mapping to standard users, except mapped drive h: is not included.
A print server, allowing to share locally attached printer (USB) over the network.
A separate VPN server is located on the router, and is linked to the domain. VPN service uses secure L2TP authentication using certificates.
Web server with PHP and a MySQL database located in the demilitarized network. By default, the mail console is installed to access mail via the web.
– Wifi
Internal wireless network is set up according to your requirements (with/without access to the internal network).
– Backup
Includes regular OS image backups to a disk array, on a daily, weekly, or other basis, according to the agreement.

Price 1200 €.
Delivery time: within 20 days (does not include the supply of hardware).
All prices are final, OSbIS is not a VAT payer.

For this program we recommend purchasing the following products:
Router MIKROTIK RouterBOARD 2011iL-RM + L4
ZyXELGS1100-24E or ZyXEL GS1900-48
NAS RS 214 or NAS RS 815
Rack GQ5609
APC Smart-UPS C1000C or APC Smart-UPS 1500 RM

Server can be purchased already from 1070€ (32GB RAM, 2x1TB HDD, 4-core Xeon E3-1220V3 processor). Along with the other necessary components the final price is 2285€.

HW price: from 2285€.

For comparison, we present the cost of monthly and annual lease of virtual server with comparable levels of performance in the most famous MS Azure public cloud.


In this price is the only VPN service, eventually we may also consider the DNS and firewalls. But these will not be adjusted in detail. Definitely you can not expect a domain or email service. The actual solution will probably be backed up, but recovery will be not possible free of charge. If you purchased from us monthly support for another year at the price of 400€ per month, than the monthly price difference between the cloud and our offer will be about 300€ more. After one year you would have paid for the cloud over 3600€ more, which is roughly the amount that you have given us for the initial setup of services and hardware. In the next period you’ll save by using our solution 300€ every month, in compare to cloud solution.